Mutts Cantina: A Must-Visit Destination for Dog Lovers

If you’re a dog lover looking for a fun and relaxing place to grab a bite and a drink with your furry friend, then Mutts Cantina is a must-visit destination. With locations in Texas and Colorado, Mutts Cantina is a unique dog-friendly restaurant and bar that offers a welcoming atmosphere for both humans and their dogs.

What is Mutts Cantina?

Mutts Cantina is a one-of-a-kind dog-friendly restaurant and bar that features a large outdoor patio where dogs can play and socialize while their owners enjoy a meal and a drink. The restaurant offers a full menu of food and drinks for humans, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a variety of cocktails and beers. Mutts Cantina also has a special menu for dogs, which includes items like the “Mutts Dog Bowl” and “Pupsicles.”

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Why is Mutts Cantina a Must-Visit Destination for Dog Lovers?

Dog-Friendly Environment

  1. Mutts Cantina is designed with dogs in mind. The outdoor patio is fully fenced, and there are water bowls and dog waste bags available for use. This ensures that dogs and their owners can have a good time without worrying about any accidents or other issues.

Socialization Opportunities

  1. Mutts Cantina is a great place for dogs to socialize and meet new friends. With plenty of space to run and play, dogs can burn off energy while their owners enjoy a meal and a drink. The outdoor patio is a great place for dogs to play and interact with other dogs, making Mutt Cantina a perfect spot for dog owners who want to give their furry friends some socialization time.

Delicious Food and Drinks

  1. Mutt Cantina provides humans with a full menu of tasty food and drinks, and dogs with a special menu. The food and drinks are reasonably priced, and you can enjoy a satisfying meal and a refreshing drink without breaking the bank.

Community Involvement

  1. Mutts Cantina is actively involved in the local community, hosting events and fundraisers to support local charities and organizations. By visiting, you not only support a local business but also make a positive impact in the community.


Q: Is Mutts Cantina only for dogs?

A: Mutts is a restaurant and bar that welcomes both humans and dogs, making it a dog-friendly destination.

Q: Is there a special menu for dogs at Mutts Cantina?

A: Yes Offers a special menu for dogs, featuring items like the “Mutts Dog Bowl” and “Pupsicles.”

Q: Is the outdoor patio at Mutts Cantina dog-friendly?

A: The outdoor patio at Mutts is fully fenced and dog-friendly, providing ample space for dogs to play and socialize.

Q: Does Mutts host events?

A: Yes, Mutts hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including dog adoption events, charity fundraisers, and holiday parties. Check their website or social media pages for more information.

Q: Where are the locations of Mutts?

A: Mutts has locations in Texas and Colorado. Currently, they have four locations in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston) and one in Colorado (Colorado Springs).


For dog lovers seeking a fun and welcoming place to dine and drink with their furry friends, Mutt Cantina is a must-visit. Mutt Cantina offers a dog-friendly environment with socialization opportunities, making it a unique and enjoyable experience for both humans and dogs. Travelers and local residents in Texas or Colorado should add Mutt Cantina to their list of places to visit.