Scientists Claim A Mysterious Immune Cell Can Reverse Neurological Damage In Patients


In a breakthrough study, experts have slot discovered an immune cell, which might be able to reverse damage in neurological ailments. Scientists have claimed that it can change the future of people who have been dealing with neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, ALS, or traumatic brain and spine injuries. This immune cell can repeal damage and reinstate neurological functions. The study has offered new hope to such patients who have been diagnosed with such fatal conditions. As per the report, usually, once nerve cells in the brain or spine weaken, it does not regenerate in adults. There is no treatment which can help people to recover lost skill or function, said the experts. However, neurologists from Ohio State University have come up with something, which might be able to help reverse neurological damage.

The new study has found a new kind of white blood cell, which might be able to heal dying nerve cells. The lead author of the study has said that it will stimulate the cell to grow new fibers in the place of damaged ones. This type of cell has never been seen, said the experts. The white blood cell is called granulocyte, which is a general type of white blood cells. During the study, experts have used this cell to restore neurological functions in mice. They have applied the cell at the exact site of the damage. Experts have been able to increase the survival of nerve cells in the different compartments of the central nervous system. The study has shown that it has stimulated new nerve fiber growth as well in mice.

Experts have done the same experiment with a petri dish, which has included human nerve cells. In the study, they have found that immune cell has been able to trigger similar human nerve cell fiber growth. Health experts are planning some protocols to harvest immature immune cells from the bone marrow. They will stimulate these immature cells to become pro-regenerative cells. Scientists need to extract bone marrow cells from people who have been diagnosed with neurological disorders. Later they will treat these cells in a dish in the lab and make it regenerative and protective, after that, they will launch it as a cell therapy on those patients.